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Editorial :      

Sorry havent updated in...ages..... -Offspring  -- 12/28/02

                 UC News:
December 28, 2002
I would like to say hi to the millions and millions of UC World visitors....haha...uhm..xbox live launched long ago (November 15, 2002) and i have been waaay to busy to run things here or even go on xbl because of homework and school stuff...the sad thing is...i dont even have Unreal Championship...i no..:(...err...for christmas i got lots o stuff....mechassault, blinx, whacked, nfl fever 2003, kakuto chojin...err...i also got gta:vice city and contra:shattered soldier...ne ways i dunno if i will update more frequently or not...i guess it just depends on how much time i have. As for UC updates, i have no news now...but i want the game...if ne body has a review that they have written that i can post here please email me. 


September 23, 2002
Two new screens have been released showing some environments.


September 23, 2002
Box art of Unreal Championship!!!


August 28, 2002
Awesome new screenshots of Unreal Championship!

August 15, 2002
A new fact sheet from Infogames.

August 7, 2002
More new gameplay footage of Unreal Championship.


August 7, 2002

Playtest Unreal Championship! Be the first on your block to play this awesome game!


                 Site News:
September 26, 2002
Hey peeps. I got my xboxlive beta kit yesterday and registered today becasue the servers are back up. My user name is "Offspring" and that is case sensetive....add me to your friends list!
September 23, 2002
We are back in business. Toast gave me(offspring) full ownership of the site. Jester has been promoted to Senior Editor. The updates had slowed down lately because of site problems(and the lack of unreal news) but I ensure you we will have more updates now.
September 8, 2002
Well, the links section is updates, two new websites! And good news, our site is moving very soon to gamerz live! We will have you posted with more news, it is just a slow month here.
August 9, 2002
Hi guys, I'm gone for two weeks, but I am actually getting a little bit of online time. Just enough to clean all the news. Thanks for keeping the site up and running guys.
July 31, 2002
New Page, UC News Archive. Nothing there, yet. I have also gotten a new " Click Here For More Information" Banner. I will be getting a few more similar banners, and be switching them with each new news item.





          The Game:

Unreal Championship is developed by Digital Extremes exclusively for the Xbox, And is taking control of the new Unreal Engine. It will be available for single player and multiplayer on Xbox Live(Online). The game features new land and air based vehicles, new gamplay modes, and old features.

Official Unreal Chamionship Site                       Release-Fall 2002  


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